Goals for Reform

November 21, 2012

With the passage of Initiative 502, the political landscape of our state has changed. Voters have made it clear they want a change, and our elected officials have been given an opening to come out in favor of reworking our failing cannabis policies.

Moving forward, there’s much work to be done to bring meaningful and lasting reform in our state. As we move into 2013, here are some of our primary goals:

  • De-scheduling cannabis, removing it as a controlled substance under state law.
  • Repealing or altering the new DUID law, restoring impairment as the standard for guilt.
  • Establishing arrest protection for patients so that we don’t have to rely on the undependable “affirmative defense”.
  • Legalizing individual homegrowing.
  • Clearing those with prior non-violent cannabis possession convictions.
  • Promoting hemp and its many uses, and working to raise the new 0.3% or lower THC standard (established in Initiative 502) to a level that more appropriately matches the average amount of THC found in hemp, which is typically around 1% (according to the North American Industrial Hemp Council).
  • Extending the juvenile provisions for cannabis laws through age 21.
  • Revising our current laws so that “gifting” (such as passing a joint) is no longer a felony charge.
  • Forming statewide coalitions with other reform organizations.
  • Continuing to build and grow our network of volunteers as we push for reform, to bring an end to our failed drug war.

We will be working within our state’s legislature to try to enact these changes in the coming January session. Several elected officials have already shown interest. We will also be discussing the possibility of a future initiative or referendum that would accomplish some of these goals.

If you have any suggestions or opinions you’d like to share, please e-mail info@sensiblewashington.org, and consider signing up as a volunteer if you’re interested in helping us move cannabis law reform forward.

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