Judge Jim Gray Endorses Sensible Washington

August 20, 2012

Judge Jim Gray, running mate to presidential candidate Gary Johnson, officially endorsed our organization on Saturday. This endorsement also encompasses our planned 2013 initiative to repeal adult cannabis prohibition.

In speaking with us, Judge Gray stated, “I have a lot of respect for your organization, and I’m more than happy to give you my full endorsement.”

Judge Jim Gray is a former presiding judge of the Superior Court in Orange County, California, and is the author of several books including 2001’s Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed: A Judicial Indictment Of War On Drugs, and 2010’s A Voter’s Handbook: Effective Solutions to America’s Problems.

We’re excited about this endorsement, and feel that it will help bring attention to our efforts to end cannabis prohibition in the State of Washington.

Judge Jim Gray outside of the Sensible Washington booth at Seattle Hempfest 2012.

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