Sensible Washington Participating in High Times Legalization Panel

September 5, 2012

Sensible Washington co-founders and attorneys Douglas Hiatt and Jeffrey Steinborn (who is also on NORML’s Board of Directors), will be featured in a “Legalization Panel” at Seattle’s High Times 2012 Medical Cannabis Cup on Saturday, September 16th at 2PM.

They will be joined by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, and Alison Holcomb, Drug Policy Director of the ACLU of Washington.

The panel will also feature High Times Editor David Bienenstock as the moderator.

According to their website, the panel’s focus will be on:

How can cannabis users, growers and providers best protect themselves amid a conflicting tangle of local, state and federal laws? And with I-502 on the ballot this November, what does the future hold for legal marijuana in Washington State and beyond?

*We would also like to send out a special congratulations to Vivian McPeak, Director of Seattle’s Hempfest and one of our co-founders, who will be honored with a “special Lifetime Achievement” award on Sunday evening!

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