Washington State Medical Cannabis Law Defended

March 14, 2014

In a huge victory for patients, Washington’s Legislature has failed to approve any negative changes to the state’s medical cannabis law.

House Bill 2149 passed the state’s House of Representatives last month, and Senate Bill 5887 passed the state’s Senate last week. Both measures would have brought forth a mandatory patient registry, drastically reduced the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate, and would have shutdown collective gardens.

Fortunately, both bills have failed to advance before the end of the session – March 13th – and are now dead.

The defeat of these proposals is due in large part to the amount of community backlash they received; in recent weeks lawmakers were stormed with thousands of calls, e-mails, letters and numerous protests, all with a similar message; protect patients’ rights and safe access!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped spread awareness about this issue, and everyone who contacted their lawmakers!

As we head into the 2015 session, we’ll continue to do everything we can to protect, and strengthen our state’s medical cannabis law. E-mail us at info@sensiblewashington.org to get involved!


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