About Us

Help us repeal cannabis prohibition, and end the war on drugs in Washington State!

Our Mission:

Sensible Washington stands for the repeal of cannabis prohibition, and an end to the failed war on drugs, through education, empowerment and outreach.

Founded in 2010, we are an entirely volunteer, non-profit political committee working to repeal cannabis prohibition for adults – in addition to reducing the harms of, and ending, the failed drug war – in Washington State. We are dedicated to pursuing an end to the attacks on our citizens perpetuated by our unethical drug laws.

You can learn why we support legalizing cannabis by clicking here, and why we support ending the drug war by clicking here.

Repealing Cannabis Prohibition:

Our legal strategy for repealing cannabis prohibition is to remove cannabis from the state’s list of controlled substances, while leaving in place existing penalties involving minors and impaired driving.

As you can see here in the full text of our 2011 proposal – Initiative 1149 – our method of reform is simple: to remove all criminal penalties for possession, use, manufacture or delivery of cannabis for adults, and direct the Legislature to create a taxation and regulatory system as appropriate. This is the most effective way to reform our laws on the state level (the federal government would have no means to preempt it, as they don’t have the legal authority to reinstate state criminal sanctions), and the only way to end cannabis prohibition in its entirety; it’s also a process that can be applied on the federal level as a way to effectively end cannabis prohibition – simply remove it from the list of federal controlled substances, similar to how alcohol prohibition was repealed.

Ending the Drug War

In addition to working towards repealing cannabis prohibition, we’re working towards putting an end to a war on drugs which has been nothing but detrimental. We’re currently working to defelonize personal drug possession in our state, reducing the charge from a felony with a potential 5 year prison sentence, to a misdemeanor with a 90 day maximum sentence. You can find our more about this effort by clicking here.

Although this wouldn’t end the drug war, it would be a large step in that direction, while freeing up prison state, saving the state millions of dollars and stopping a system which hands out detrimental felonies – which destroy a person’s opportunity for housing, education and work – for the simple possession of an illegal substance. We also support and advocate for further reform, such as the full decriminalization of illegal substance, which has reduced usage rates and overdose deaths drastically in Portugal, according to a Cato Institute report.

How You Can Help:

If you believe in these causes, we ask that you please consider showing your support. Sensible Washington operates on grassroots activism and contributions. Volunteer your time, effort and skills. Make a donation which will go towards things such as informational handouts and advertisements (billboards, newspaper ads, etc.). Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and peers about the effects of our failed drug war, and how important it is that we work together in our communities to bring reform.

No matter how you choose to help, take a stand against the drug war, and contribute what you can!

E-mail info@sensiblewashington.org to get involved or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Sensible Washington maintains that the repeal model of ending prohibition eludes federal preemption. This method was used in 1932 to successfully end alcohol prohibition via Initiative 61 “Repeal of the Bone Dry Act“. I-61’s success established a legal precedent for repeal as a valid path to legalization. Sensible Washington’s initiative removes cannabis from Washington state’s list of controlled substances. The federal government would have no means to preempt it, as they don’t have the legal authority to reinstate criminal sanctions at the state level.