City Initiative Campaign

As previously announced, we are running multiple city-wide initiatives in 2012. These initiatives, if put on the ballot and passed, will:

  • Make cannabis the lowest law-enforcement priority
  • Prohibit the city and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal authorities over the implementation of federal cannabis policies

Below is a list of cities in which we are currently running initiatives:

We encourage you to use these PDFs for printing petitions and collecting signatures. However, before you do, remember:

  • Petitions must be printed on double-sided 11″ x 17″ paper (the PDFs for each city listed above have the front and back pages combined).
  • To be valid, signatures must come from city residents, registered to vote in that city.

Questions? Want to help? Email

You should also let us know if you want to take action in your own city. You can check to see if your city has an initiative process here (PDF).

Click here for our list of endorsements.