Protect Patients’ Rights in Washington State

October 25, 2013

[Update 11/7/2013]: If you click here you can fill out a form which will instantly send an e-mail to your three district legislators, urging them to protect patients’ rights – it only takes seconds.] Recently the Washington State Liquor Control Board – which is tasked through a budget proviso to give recommendations to the legislature for medical […]

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Measure to Defelonize Simple Drug Possession Garners Eight Legislative Sponsors, Will Receive Hearing

October 9, 2013

[Update 11/21/2013: We’re excited to announce that Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a national organization consisting of thousands of former law enforcement officials, has officially endorsed this proposal to defelonize personal drug possession.] A recently announced proposal to remove felony charges for personal drug possession has garnered eight legislative sponsors in both the House and Senate. […]

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Proposal to Defelonize Personal Drug Possession to be Prefiled in December 2013

September 13, 2013

[Update, 10/1/2013: State Representative Luis Moscoso (1st District), State Representative Jamie Pederson (Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, 43rd District) and Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (36th District), have all recently agreed to cosponsor our proposal.] Our recently announced proposal to remove felony charges for personal drug possession in Washington State will be prefiled in the House […]

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State Reps. Jim Moeller and Chris Reykdal to Sponsor Drug Defelonization Legislation

August 28, 2013

[ Update 9/9/2013: State Representative Jessyn Farrell (46th District) has signed on as our 5th sponsor in the House. ] [ Update 8/30/2013: State Representative Sherry Appleton (23rd District) has agreed to be the primary sponsor of our proposal to defelonize simple drug possession in the House of Representatives. ] State Representatives Jim Moeller (Speaker Pro […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Effort to Defelonize Drug Possession Launches in Washington

August 13, 2013

The nonprofit organization Sensible Washington announced today that they will be moving forward with new legislation designed to defelonize drug possession in the State of Washington. The group plans to have the proposal filed in the upcoming legislative session. Under current Washington State law, the possession of any controlled substance (or over 40 grams of […]

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Oppose Senate Bill 5887

April 3, 2013

Recently lawmakers in our state’s Senate filed legislation, Senate Bill 5887, which would take the medical cannabis industry in our state, and hand it directly over to the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB), which would oversee regulations and licenses. Current collective gardens would have the option of becoming licensed by the WSLCB, or seeing […]

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